Each of us is a member of a community. Some are obvious, such as our town, city, or neighborhood. Others may not come to mind immediately – a church, school, teens, or even dancers with two left feet could all be considered separate communities.

A broader scope can also fit into the definition of your community – for example, those who have experienced financial difficulties, hunger, or homelessness. Regardless of the particulars, we want the best of everything for our group. That desire for communal improvement is often realized through the efforts of volunteers.

Who Are the People in Your Community?

When we first learn about communities as children, it’s often in the context of political terms such as cities, towns, hamlets, and more. Each group with a unique set of difficulties and strengths, pros and cons.

Community distinctions can also be geographical – households on a mountain have different needs than one at sea level. Astronauts on the space station have many of the same needs as the rest of planet earth but have a few that are special for their location.

Age can be another defining factor, as well as more aesthetic features like hair texture or fingernail length. There are endless categories and descriptions available to define various communities. If nothing else, we are all part of the community of humanity.

Identifying the Need

The desire to assist others through volunteering is a huge step on the way to improving a community. Mindfulness about which communities will be the subject of your time and effort can help to focus efforts and give the final push into action. Once you’ve decided upon the community you want to help, there are a variety of organizations eager to guide your efforts.

  • Local food banks can use donations of funds, food, and time to assemble food packages for those in need.
  • The American Red Cross is perpetually in need of funds, blood, and plasma donations.
  • For those willing to undergo some training, hospice centers are often in need of companions for the terminally ill and elderly.
  • For those individuals unsure of how to help, there are several websites designed to match volunteers with organizations in need.

Homes in a Community

Individuals experiencing homelessness or struggling to make ends meet often find aid through homeless shelters and clothing drives organized by a variety of institutions. Along with the funds required for overhead, they most often need items to fill basic needs.

  • Cold-weather clothing in good repair
  • New undergarments and socks
  • Laundry detergent
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Baby supplies

Life Startup Essentials is here to assist organizations working with those in need and their communities in their efforts to establish healthy housing. By assisting less fortunate members of our community, we improve the whole community. As Coretta Scott King said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

If you work or volunteer with an organization dedicated to helping those with housing needs, or want to help a neighbor individually, visit our online store to order pre-built kits or customize a kit to help the people in your community meet their basic home needs.