Introducing our LSE Bed Kit! Whether you’re moving into your first apartment, giving your room a makeover, or simply craving that fresh-bed feeling, we’ve got you covered—literally. Our all-in-one bundle includes a plush comforter that feels like sleeping on a cloud, ultra-soft sheets that whisper sweet dreams, a set of dreamy pillows for those perfect pillow forts, and a cozy throw blanket for those binge-watch marathons. With our bedding kit, transforming your bedroom into a snug sanctuary has never been easier or more fun. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to snooze-filled bliss – your one-stop solution for all things cozy!

This kit includes:

  • Comforter
  • Sheet Set
  • Blanket
  • Alarm Clock
  • 2 Pillows
  • Mattress Protector
Seller reserves the right to substitute merchandise and/or brands/colors for product of equal to or greater value without prior notice